Arts and Culture

Putting arts and culture back on the agenda

Arts and culture are critical for any society. Through them we tell stories, creating and focusing on what unites us rather than what divides us. Participating in the arts helps build teamwork, community spirit and health – just as sport participation does. How can we foster arts and culture in our communities to contribute to those benefits and to our national spirit?

Let’s make arts and culture more of a priority, both nationally and locally.

The right to participate in the arts brings personal, community and national benefits.

  • The United Nations recognises cultural participation as a right
  • A thriving creative sector is a strong indicator of a healthy community. Culture is how communities tell their story
  • In Warringah, more than 9% of the workforce is employed in cultural or creative occupations
  • The wisdom and heritage of our First Nations Peoples informs our community, culture and identity.

However, creative and cultural industries are suffering from policy neglect.

  • Despite its many benefits, the arts is often treated as a side issue of little political importance
  • Budget cuts and a lack of vision have forced organisations to compete for shrinking amounts of funding
  • Emerging local artists lack creative opportunities in Warringah
  • We are not adequately embracing our Indigenous cultural heritage.

So let’s champion local artists and improve access to the arts for everyone.

I will support:

  • Protection and adequate funding of the ABC, SBS and NITV
  • A Music Commission, reporting to the Minister for the Arts, to redress the live music crisis
  • A more targeted and equitable approach to arts funding
  • Local initiatives to develop opportunities for emerging artists in Warringah, and
  • Initiatives to celebrate Warringah’s history and Indigenous heritage