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Continuing to push for climate action, a strong economy, integrity and equality

22 August 2023

Following the mid-winter break, my team and I have had an another busy fortnight in Canberra where we have advocated for the needs of Warringah on the economy and cost of living, climate and environment concerns and integrity.


Back in Warringah, there are also some good opportunities to draw your attention to -  including some new grants and a number of online and in person events coming up if you are interested in learning more about the Voice to Parliament Referendum.


Zali in Parli

Climate & Environment

The climate wars are not over

The last month saw temperature records around the globe break all-time records and the intensity and frequency of severe weather events fill our news feeds. Alarmingly, the global community is warning this is the start of a new era in fossil-fuelled global warming. We have also received alarming data around large increases to insurance premiums as a result of repeated large scale emergency events. So what does this mean for Australia, and what should be done to prepare, mitigate, and adapt to accelerating climate change impacts?


I, together with my crossbench colleagues, have written to the Prime Minister and the Climate Minister to request that they urgently address the rapidly escalating climate crisis and outline how the government will match the increased threat with an escalated response. I met with the Prime Minister to discuss the need for a more comprehensive transition strategy that looks at more than just energy but his response was underwhelming. All Australians need to raise their voices for greater ambition and action on climate from this Government.


The main piece of climate related legislation debated in the last fortnight was The Sea Dumping Bill. Creatively titled The Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Amendment (Using New Techologies to Fight Climate Change Bill 2023  Despite the catchy title, the Bill fails to ensure climate positive outcomes and looks more like greenwashing than genuine action to fight climate change. While there may be a role to play for carbon drawdown technologies to ensure a safe and stable environment, these technologies must not be used to justify further approvals or expansions of fossil fuel projects. I proposed amendments, as did other members of the crossbench, to promote climate positive outcomes, and bring in adequate protections in line with the precautionary measures outlined in the London Protocol Treaty but the Government and Coalition voted together against the amendments.

Widespread gas leaks at Australian fossil fuel facilities

I hosted an event in Parliament House with the Australian Conservation Foundation which launched two new reports. The first uncovered widespread venting and leaking of gas at Australian Fossil fuel facilities (see article linked in the newsroom below). And the other outlined the best practice measurement and reporting techniques countries are using to combat this.


I will share more on this in my climate newsletter. If you would like to receive a monthly climate focused newsletter from me, sign up here.  

A Voice for the Environment

On the environment, I raised the need for greater attention to be paid to the environmental impact and damage of biosecurity threats, in addition to the longstanding focus on agriculture threats in my speech on efforts by the Government to strengthen biosecurity laws.

I also attended the final scheduled hearing for the inquiry into the impact of plastics on our oceans and waterways, we heard from a range of witnesses including the World Wildlife Fund, Australian Marine Conservation Society, the Australian Food and Grocery Council, retailers and beverage manufacturers.



As cost of living pressures continue to weigh heavily on many of us, I took the opportunity to raise in Parliament some of the issues facing small businesses that have been raised with me. I will be following up with the Treasurer on what assistance is forthcoming for small businesses who are seeing a confluence of pressures at present.


I also welcomed Government efforts to address multinational tax evasion and raised the need for them to go further in ensuring that Australia gets a fair share of the profits earned by multinational companies operating in Australia and exploiting Australian resources.


Integrity & Equality

It was a big fortnight for the crossbench driving change in both integrity and equality. I was delighted to second Kate Chaney’s Private Member’s Bill titled the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Restoring Trust) Bill.


This is an important piece of work containing 13 key elements of electoral reform with broad consensus support from across the crossbench, including of course the need to address truth in political advertising with the Bill picking up the content of my Stop the Lies Bill as part of this broader reform agenda. I also met with the Special Minister of State to press for the need to pass this legislation in advance of the next election. I again pointed out the benefit this would have provided towards a more civilised and fact-based approach to the referendum.


The crossbench also demonstrated its leadership and influence in rapidly escalating the cause of victims of sexual violence on university campuses. Following a morning press conference, I met with the young women and raised the issue in Parliament and we briefed the Minister on their cause and the issues they were facing on campus. The students then attended a meeting with the Minister for the Stop Violence campaign and they secured a spot on the national working group to address university governance and responses to sexual assault and harassment on campus.


As a member of the Parliamentary Leadership Taskforce focussed on the implementation of the Set the Standard Report, I was pleased to see the introduction of the first phase of legislation to establish Parliamentary Workplace Support Service and reform the Members of Parliament and Staff Act. This is an important first step towards a safer and more respectful workplace in parliamentary offices. I look forward to the debate on this legislation and continuing to work with the Taskforce on the more contentious recommendations of the Review over the coming months.


I seek to represent the views of Warringah and welcome feedback. My approach to legislation is on my website and so is my Voting Record and all my Parliament Updates.




Out & About Snapshot

Reopening of Mosman Square
It was great to attend the official re-opening of the Mosman Square and Village Green yesterday - it is looking fantastic! Nice to see all sides of politics there to support the community. The Mosman Markets also re-opened on Saturday too and will run on the first Saturday of the month from 8am-3pm.

It was great to see so many locals out enjoying the great new space and supporting the many stallholders - including some of our fabulous Warringah for the Voice volunteers.


Congratulations to the Matildas

Congratulations to the history making Matildas who have captivated Australia’s hearts as the World Cup has played out. Not only have these talented sportswomen inspired us with their on field skills and competitiveness, in reaching the semi-finals they have become Australia’s most successful soccer team, and the game the most watched show on Australian television – ever! Long live women’s sport, and thank you Matildas for being fantastic role models, entertaining us and breaking barriers along the way.


Trees Scorecard
Trees Scorecard provides a snapshot of how state, territory and federal governments are performing in tree protection and restoration, using a methodology to assess, applaud and encourage progress.

The scorecard assesses each jurisdiction’s performance in ending both native forest logging and land clearing. As the scorecard shows, Australia has a long way to go in protecting and restoring our trees. With accelerating global warming, our forests are more precious than ever in carbon drawdown. We cannot effectively achieve Net Zero without stopping native forest logging and engaging in significant reforestation programs across the country.


Grants Watch

School Student Broadband Initiative

To support students who do not have access to internet at home, the Australian Government and NBN Co have committed to introduce a School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI).


The Australian Government is providing up to 30,000 unconnected families in need, who have school aged children across all states and territories, with a free National Broadband Network (NBN) connection for 12 months via participating internet service providers.


The School Student Broadband Initiative (SSBI) is an affordability measure to narrow the digital divide and boost education opportunities for students (K-12) without access to home internet.  SSBI aims to boost education opportunities by providing families with free NBN-powered broadband internet at home for 12 months.  For more information, please visit my website. 


Volunteer Grants

Expressions of Interest for the 2023/4 Volunteer Grants are open now until 1 September.

Grant amounts of between $1,000 - $5,000 are available for non-profit community organisations with a minimum of 40% volunteer workforce to support the efforts of their volunteers. Grant funding can assist with eligible small equipment, transport and fuel costs, volunteer training, background screening checks, and practices to support safety for volunteers.

Please visit my website for grant guidelines and to submit your EOI.


If you'd like to receive monthly newsletters about grant opportunities please email  [email protected] to be added to our grants database.


Warringah for the Voice

Free Voice Merchandise

Great news! If you’d like to show your support for Voice we have a range of free Yes23 merchandise that you can collect from my electoral office in Manly during office hours, or from the Mosman Hub on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am-1pm.


This includes a range of badges, round stickers and car bumper stickers, A3 posters, Uluru Statement posters and other information sheets.


You can also pick up free corflutes (yard signs) at the office or order them online here:  Display Corflute - Yes


23 August: Voice to Parliament Community Forum @ Manly Leagues Club

Hosted by Jasper Thatcher, special guest speaker Thomas Mayo will discuss his journey and involvement with The Voice. They will be joined by panellists Cr Kristyn Glanville, Uncle Neil Evers and me for a panel discussion and to answer questions from the audience.

Thomas Keneally will close the evening with some heart-felt remarks upon which guests will be invited to remain for a drink and a chat. Wednesday, 23 August, from 6.30pm, at the Manly Leagues Club, Brookvale. Tickets are free but going fast. Book now so you don’t miss out.


29 August: Voice to Parliament Webinar – your questions answered

There’s a lot of talk about the upcoming referendum, both good and bad, and it can be hard to sort through the noise to get the facts. There’s a phrase I’ve heard recently which really resonates – “If in doubt, find out!”.


To help with your information gathering, I’m hosting a 30-minute webinar with Rachel Perkins so you can hear all the details about the Voice to Parliament and the Referendum without the hype.


The online session will cover frequent questions such as: What will the Referendum question be?, Where did the idea of the Voice to Parliament come from?, What is the Australian Constitution and how can you change it? Do we need a Voice to Parliament? How will it impact you?, and Will a Voice to Parliament help close the gap?


Don't miss this opportunity to have your questions answered.

Tuesday, 29 August, 1pm to 1.30pm. Tickets are free but bookings are essential.


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