24 April 2024

The PEP11 project which has seen widespread opposition from local communities, and many attempts at both the state and federal level to stop it, has today taken another turn with Minister King releasing a statement recusing herself from future decision making on the project, handing responsibility to Minster Husic.  

This project is like a cockroach that just won’t die. Yet my Stop PEP-11 Forever Bill could put an end to this application and future applications for good.

To recap:

Prior to the 2022 election, Anthony Albanese, promised that PEP-11 would be dead under a government he led.

The same year, while PM (and juggling multiple ministries) Scott Morrison rejected PEP-11 permit amid pressure from coastal communities.  

Asset Energy challenged this decision, and in February 2023 the Labor government agreed the matter could be reconsidered by the Joint Authority.

In 2024, the NSW Government introduced legislation to stop PEP-11 in NSW waters.

The decision around the PEP-11 permit should have been killed off years ago, yet it is still live – keeping concerned communities from Manly to Newcastle in limbo.

To make PEP-11 dead in the water, the most permanent solution is to support my Stop PEP11 Forever Bill. This would not only put an end to the project now, it would avoid the risk of further litigation and future applications being made within the PEP-11 Zone. 

I will be writing to Minister Husic to let him know of our community’s strong opposition to this project, and to consider supporting my Bill to put a stop to it.

If you would also like to see an end to this, I encourage you to also let him know at [email protected].