MEDIA RELEASE: Zali Steggall says its time for Govt to Stop PEP11

29 March 2023

ZALI STEGGALL MP says it’s time for Albanese Government to Stop PEP-11

29 March 2023: Today, Zali Steggall MP called for a suspension of standing orders to bring on debate about her Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Stop PEP 11 and Protect Our Coast) Private Members Bill which has been on the notice paper since February.

“It’s time to put an end to PEP-11 once and for all. Coastal communities are widely opposed to this and are looking to the Prime Minister to hold true to his election commitment to end PEP-11.

While the Government has indicated they have a preference for following current procedure, failing to legislate will leave our communities open to this risk for years to come. My Bill offers a way to end this now, once and for all,” said Steggall.

In February this year, the Federal Court released consent orders in the litigation between the Federal Government and Asset Energy regarding the Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 which returned the project to further consideration by the Joint Authority.

Under the previous Government, the Prime Minister and many representatives of this current Government categorically stated that PEP11 would not proceed under their Government. At that time, Minister Albanese and the ALP voted to suspend standing orders to urgently bring on this Bill for debate when in Opposition.  Failing to support the Stop PEP 11 Bill would be a broken election promise by the Prime Minister. 

The quickest way to ensure that the licence is cancelled is by debating and passing the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Amendment (Stop PEP11 and Protect Our Coast) Bill 2023. Passing this Bill will reduce the risk of litigation based on apprehended bias and provide the Government with a legitimate mechanism to cancel exploration in the PEP11 area permanently.

The Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP 11) application covers 4,500 square kilometres of ocean along NSW’s east coast from North Head National Park in Manly, through the central coast and as far as Newcastle.