Media Releases


16 February 2023

Today in Question Time, I asked the Prime Minister:

In 2021, at Terrigal, you said “A Labor Government that I lead will stop PEP11 dead in its tracks.”

In this place, you said “PEP 11 has gone through Labor caucus and been unanimously rejected.” And you voted in support of debate on my Bill.

Any joint authority decision risks being challenged for apprehended bias and so take years to be resolved. The NSW Coalition have agreed to legislate, my Bill is on the notice paper again to give our communities certainty. Will you now list my Bill for debate and vote to Stop PEP 11?

Despite his previous assurances to kill PEP 11, the Prime Minister did not agree in his response to list my Stop PEP 11 Bill for debate.

It is within the government’s power to list legislation for debate and a vote and therefore within its power to resolve the PEP 11 licence application once and for all and give our communities certainty that PEP 11 is dead in the water.

Contrary to the Prime Minister’s response, Governments of both persuasions frequently present and pass legislation to deal with court proceeding outcomes. For example, just this week the government did so in relation to the aggregated sentences for mandatory visa cancellations.

I have therefore formally written to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the House and requested my Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Stop PEP 11 and Protect Our Coast) Private Members Bill be listed for debate and a vote at the earliest opportunity.

Legislation will help to quickly close the door not just on the current PEP 11 licence application, but also on any further applications.

It’s time the government makes true its election promise to our communities and kill off PEP 11.