Current Petitions

Motion for health impacts and climate change



You can request that the Federal Parliament acts on an issue through a Petition.

The right to petition Federal Parliament has been in place since federation, and it is the only way an individual can directly place grievances before the Parliament.

Petitions are considered by a committee, which can insist a Minister responds to your concerns.


Starting a Petition


Petitions are either online or on paper. If you want a paper Petition, you must gather original signatures, while e-petitions can be signed online.

The basic steps to having your issue heard are:

  • write your petition
  • identify the principal petitioner
  • ensure your petition complies with the rules
  • submit your petition

There are several rules about how to present your Petition which you can read on Parliament’s infosheet.


Get started at Parliament’s website to Request a new e-petition.


Ask Zali to Present a Petition


To increase awareness of your issue, Zali may present your Petition to the parliament, and speak about it in the House of Representatives. To ask Zali to support your petition please email or request a meeting.