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25 January 2024

Happy New Year! January has been a busy month for my team who are back in the office with lots of exciting things planned for 2024. We are here to help so if you need any assistance connecting with a Federal department or service, such as support with Aged Care Plans, Service Australia enquiries, immigration and citizenship matters, or even a congratulatory message for a special birthday or wedding anniversary, please contact my friendly team on 9977 6411 or [email protected].


Australia is truly a remarkable nation, and it's essential that we unite in celebration. As we cherish the beauty, uniqueness, Aussie sense of humour, and mateship, it's equally important to embrace progress and change.

While we take pride in the greatness of modern Australia, let's also pause to recognise our rich history spanning over 65,000 years—history that continues to be uncovered and explored. There's a wealth of knowledge to gain from the world's oldest continuous culture. However, as some celebrate, it's crucial to acknowledge that for others, this day brings a sense of mourning. It marks a moment that altered the lives of many, initiating violence, disempowerment, and the displacement of Indigenous communities. This has resulted in sorrow, discrimination, and hardship persisting through generations. How we choose to spend Australia Day is a personal decision, but let's collectively demonstrate kindness and respect for our differences. As we navigate this complex history, let's look forward with hope to a future where everyone has reason to celebrate.


Next week we will be returning to Parliament and are very focused on working with the government and continuing to push for action on the issues you have raised with me such as climate action, urging the government to adopt my voter protections in political advertising bill and engaging with a range of national and local organisations to understand what they are hoping to see in the Federal Budget.


Zali in Parli

The Government has recently backtracked on a significant election promise by proposing alterations to the Stage 3 tax cuts initially legislated in 2019. Whilst I support more assistance for those who are doing it tough, I do believe transparency should have been a consideration for the Prime Minister and Treasurer, especially if amendments were always part of their plan. This move erodes the credibility and trust in the government and its future commitments. While supporting additional assistance for those facing economic challenges through the cost of living crisis, I believe it's crucial to be honest with the Australian public. Further, the Government has yet to announce any increase in support for the many in our communities who are struggling with cost of living that will not benefit from this proposal, such as those on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and Pensioners. 


A truly fair approach to taxation reform would also involve a stronger Petroleum Resource Rent Tax to generate new revenue, and ensuring multinational companies pay their fair share, as promised by the Government at the last election. 


Now that Treasury's analysis of the proposed changes to Stage 3 tax cuts is accessible to the public, I will take the necessary time to review it fully. I support streamlining tax brackets and incentivising hard work, encouraging Australians to earn and retain more of their income. 


I value input from constituents and encourage you to share your thoughts on the government's proposed changes to the Stage 3 tax cuts by emailing me directly.


Parliament is set to resume on February 6, and you will be able to view all of my Parliament Updates here.


I seek to represent the views of Warringah and welcome feedback. My approach to legislation is on my website as is my Voting Record.  



Out & About in Warringah

I had a fantastic time at Neutral Bay Uniting Church last Friday. The congregation is lively and diverse, with a vibrant Indonesian community, including the Manly Manado Society. This group actively fundraises and supports the town of Manado in Indonesia, focusing on health, education, and local tourism initiatives. Additionally, the church hosts a wonderful early childhood centre - St John's Childcare Centre.


Last Thursday I visited Long Reef Beach to meet the Northside Enterprise team and witness their impactful work through the Bushlink program. Northside Enterprise, a local NDIS provider, offers support for young people with disabilities, including supported employment through Bushlink. This social enterprise focuses on bush regeneration and fosters inclusive communities by collaborating with schools and corporate groups.

With over 30 years of service, Northside has been a community cornerstone, and its Bushlink program has thrived for 15 years. Employees like Robbie and Kieran (pictured) have been part of Northside since Bushlink's inception in 2009. Currently employing 13 supported individuals, Northside welcomes more participants and actively seeks additional paid work opportunities for its teams.  Witnessing their dedication was truly inspiring.

For further information on Northside's programs, contact the team at 9905 5377



Coming Up

Manly Markets

Meet Zali at the Manly Markets to talk about issues that matter to you and hear about the start of Federal Parliament in 2024. Or chat to Zali’s volunteer team and find out how the Electorate Office can help you.  
AUSMAP will be our special guest at the stall, with an interactive display on microplastics. Drop by to understand more about this (almost) invisible but toxic problem for marine life and humans. Check out AUSMAP, a joint project by the Total Environment Centre and Macquarie University, and find out how to get involved. 

When: Saturday, 17 February, 9.00am to 4.30pm (Zali will be there somewhere between 12.30-1.30pm)
Where: Manly Markets, near Zali’s office (17-19 Sydney Road), look for the turquoise gazebo 
Did you know, at our stall you can also: 

Drop off your old batteries and ink cartridges for recycling 

Stock up on a range of sustainable household products - eg. 100% biodegradable dog bags & beautiful bread bags made out of recycled plastic bottles.

Solar Made Simple

With the rising cost of living, find out how rooftop solar will help you reduce your electricity bills while lowering your emissions. 

Join the free “Solar Made Simple for Warringah” webinar, hosted by Zero Emissions Solutions Sydney North, a local volunteer-run community organisation. Learn about solar panels and batteries, savings, Federal rebates and $0 upfront finance plans. 

When: Thursday, 22 February, 7 to 8.15pm
Where: Online via Zoom.  

Register Here.


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