Roadmap Food

The most impactful way of reducing your footprint through the food you eat is to eat less meat. For example, producing 1kg of beef generates about 60 times more carbon than producing 1kg of garden peas! Source:

We’ve also got used to expecting every type of food to be available all year round. Nearly 50% of the food we import to Australia every year comes from the USA, either by plane or ship. If we eat more seasonally and locally sourced food, we can take another big step in reducing carbon emissions.

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Roadmap-To-Zero logo Food Checklist
  • Buy fruit & veg that are in season and locally sourced
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  • Plan your meals carefully so you buy what you need and waste less
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  • Freeze food for later if you cook too much or don’t have time to finish
  • Try “Meat Free Mondays,” (1 day a week when you don’t eat meat)
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  • If you buy meat, use a local butcher to source locally and avoid excessive packaging
  • Start growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit
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  • Download the Darwin Challenge app to track your carbon footprint
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