Roadmap Transport

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Transport Checklist
  • Replace car trip(s) with public transport once a week
  • Replace a face to face meeting with a virtual meeting
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  • Walk to shops with a trolley once a week
  • Travel with minimal luggage on aeroplanes to reduce weight
  • Replace an overseas flight holiday with an Australian adventure to reduce your flight miles
  • Less home delivery
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  • Replace an imported item you regularly buy with one produced locally to reduce transport needs
  • Carpool
  • Be brave enough to suggest a virtual meeting at work if face-to-face is not necessary. You are probably not the only one thinking it!
  • Replace a car trip(s) with walking every week
  • Ride your bike to and from school/work
  • Do your weekly shopping considering the food miles of each item ie buy local!
  • Plan meals and shopping lists ahead: do food-shopping less frequently (if driving)
  • Replace an Australian flight holiday with a road trip
  • Pay for carbon offsets if you do fly
  • Choose a climate aware airline if you do fly
  • Learn more
  • Next time you buy a car upgrade to a more fuel-efficient model/electric/hybrid
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  • Use community carshare scheme rather than purchasing a first/second car
  • Learn more
    Hero Actions
  • Replace school/uni/work car transport completely with walking, cycling, and public transport
  • Organise a neighbourhood get-together and find people to carpool with