I/we pledge to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and address global warming (signed, date)

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Water Checklist
  • Take a re-useable water bottle when you go out
  • Look out for water restrictions and follow Sydney Water advice
  • Learn more
  • Fill and chill re-useable bottles rather than running the tap to get cold water
  • Make sure you’re using a water-saving shower head and limit showers to 4 mins
  • Fix leaky taps as soon as they appear
  • Stock your garden with native plants that are more drought tolerant
  • Collect rainwater in buckets or rain tanks to use on the garden rather than tap water
  • Install a smart drip irrigation system for your garden if you have one

The choices we make on who supplies us have one of the biggest impacts on collective emissions. To make a real difference, check all your financial providers (banking, loans, superannuation) as well as your energy provider and see if you can make a difference by selecting providers who are sustainable and do not invest in fossil fuels

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