Roadmap Water

Treating water as the precious resource it is helps to reduce emissions. The less we have to clean, pump and treat water, the fewer emissions we create. This is something that we can all take action on immediately.

Explore the checklist to find out more.

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Water Checklist
  • Take a re-useable water bottle when you go out
  • Look out for water restrictions and follow Sydney Water advice
  • Learn more
  • Fill and chill re-useable bottles rather than running the tap to get cold water
  • Make sure you’re using a water-saving shower head and limit showers to 4 mins
  • Fix leaky taps as soon as they appear
  • Stock your garden with native plants that are more drought tolerant
  • Collect rainwater in buckets or rain tanks to use on the garden rather than tap water
  • Install a smart drip irrigation system for your garden if you have one