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Small Business Survey, Seniors Support and Stop PEP11

18 March 2024

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team since our last newsletter, which included launching a great new guide to assist seniors and their families navigate ageing support as well as hosting a webinar on the same topic. We have also developed a small business survey to better understand the challenges faced and what’s needed to further support this important part of our community.

On the parliamentary front, I reintroduced my Stop PEP11 Bill to protect our coastal communities and there’s plenty to update you on which you can read below. I’m back in Canberra this fortnight so if you’d like to stay up to date with activities as they happen there, I’ll provide regular updates via social media as the fortnight unfolds.

Zali in Parli


The growing impact of climate change on childhood

I hosted a discussion with Manly-based children’s nonprofit Royal Far West and UNICEF Australia on bolstering children’s resilience to climate-change-driven disasters. Around 1.4 million Australian children face such events annually. A recent Deloitte Access report, commissioned by UNICEF, reveals that exposure to disasters can reduce the likelihood of completing Year 12, affect long-term wellbeing, and raise the risk of homelessness, impacting productivity and societal costs significantly.

Stop PEP11 Forever

Communities from Warringah to Newcastle have made it exceedingly clear they are dead against the PEP11 proposal. This is why I reintroduced my Stop PEP11 Forever Bill. The NSW Government just passed legislation which puts coastal communities' minds at rest, but it only covers NSW coastal waters. I’m calling for the Federal Government to act and protect our coast in Commonwealth waters as well. By legislating against it we can put an end to PEP11 forever.

Grocery prices

I had a chance to speak on grocery prices - the rise in prices in recent years has put a lot of families under pressure. There are several inquiries underway and I await the recommendations. I have called on the government to keep the grocery market competitive.

Other parliamentary activity

I supported the Fair Go for Consumers and Small Business Bill Amendment which provides a fast track complaints triage mechanism for consumers and small businesses concerning systemic market failures or anti-competitive activity.  I offered an amendment to make sure it was working as intended, but the Government didn’t support this.

I also supported the Help to Buy Bill which creates a shared equity scheme with the Commonwealth to help more people buy their first home.

I spoke on the Fair Work Amendment the Government put up on the ‘right to disconnect’, and took the chance to outline my concerns with some of the latest industrial relations reforms that have passed.

I also raised my concerns about more methane gas emissions coming out of Beetaloo Basin as proponents seek to expand and add wells.

Finally, it is especially important for the Government to better support female entrepreneurs and startups via the Boosting Female Founders Grant as private capital overwhelmingly supports male-dominated business areas. I raised two female-owned businesses in Warringah who were successful in the Boosting Female Founders Grant: Lactamo Holdings for their successful funding to respond to international demand for their breastfeeding massage ball; and Meditati for the commercialisation of their tampon innovation.

To view these speeches and others I gave, go to my Parliament Updates.

Working for Warringah

Senior Support

Our electorate office speaks with many senior citizens and their families about navigating the complexities of ageing support. This inspired us to put together a guide with key information on essential services and outline a roadmap through the array of government supports available.

Guide to government services: My team have collated a detailed overview of the services available in a handy guidebook. Please drop past my electorate office in Manly (or my Mosman hub), to pick up a copy, or email [email protected] to request one via post, or simply download the guide here.

Webinar: I recently hosted a webinar with a panel of ageing support experts who provided valuable insights and guidance on a range of topics, including aged care, financial planning and health and wellbeing resources. This webinar is now available to view online.

Small Businesses: Have your say!

Did you know there are nearly 20,000 small businesses in Warringah? They are the backbone of the Australian economy and need greater support from the Government, especially at the moment with challenging economic times and higher operational costs. With so many small businesses contributing to Warringah and the community, it’s important to me that their issues and concerns are represented in Parliament.

If you are a small business owner, please take a few minutes to complete my survey.

I am continuing to call for more support for small businesses this year, working closely with business associations, and will:

  • advocate for simplifying taxation, awards and reporting – reducing the administrative burden.
  • push for increased support to small businesses facing closure, matching that of the assistance available to larger corporations.
  • review insurance increases to alleviate financial pressures.
  • host a Small Business Webinar in April - see here for details.

Advertising Forum

The Climate Emergency: Can Advertising Save the Planet?

As the world reaches +1.5C, we are in the grip of an unabated climate crisis. Is the marketing and media industry in Australia doing its bit to get us out of this mess?

Hosted with the Payback Project, you will hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the role the advertising and media industry can play in helping combat the climate crisis.

Register here.

Thursday 4th April
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Mosman Art Gallery

Grant Opportunities

Play our Way Program

The Play Our Way program grant is an open competitive opportunity that will provide funding of up to $200 million over three years from 2024-25. This grant opportunity will fund projects across two streams: 

  • Stream 1: Facilities – single or multi-year funding to support new and upgraded facilities, playing areas or spaces for sport and physical activity, specifically for women and girls.
  • Stream 2: Participation and equipment – single year funding (with projects able to be delivered over multiple years) to support sustainable and enduring sport participation programs, and/or new or upgraded equipment, specifically for women and girls. 

This grant opportunity aims to address participation barriers through safe, inclusive and sustainable facilities and programs that support the enduring engagement of women and girls in sport and physical activity. Applications are expected to open mid-March.

On Friday 22nd March from 1pm-1.30pm, the Office of Sport is running a webinar with an overview of the Play Our Way program grant opportunity guidelines, including information on eligibility criteria, assessment processes and how to apply. Click here to find out more.

Warringah Champions

Warringah is home to some amazing sportspeople, and I enjoy receiving updates on their progress.

NBSC Manly student Yelin Zou is an up-and-coming fencer who I had the pleasure of meeting back in 2022. She recently competed in the Junior Women's Sabre at the Asian fencing championships and won a gold medal.

Allambie local Ashton Davies received a sporting champions grant to attend the national water polo titles when he was 13, but we were recently advised that late last year he put his water skills to work by rescuing a swimmer struggling in the early morning surf.

Congratulations Yelin and Ashton – you are both doing Warringah proud.


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