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Zali Steggall MP statement on Israel-Gaza conflict

15 February 2024

153 countries, including Australia, have called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and I strongly support this call. I am also calling for the safe evacuation of civilians and the importance of all nations respecting International Law.

I remain shocked and horrified with the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis, the hostages who have not yet been released, and the rising civilian casualties with some 25,000 deaths, 70% of which have been women and children.

With almost 85% of Gaza’s population having been displaced by the conflict, an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians are now sheltering in Rafah and I am deeply concerned by reports of a potential, full-fledged military incursion there and the impact this may have on civilians there.

I am continuing discussions with the Government, including with the Minister for Foreign Affairs to also advocate for the release of hostages, the ongoing delivery of aid to Gaza as the review of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency continues, the safe passage of refugees out of Gaza, and for the release of the report by the International Court of Justice.

I have received hundreds of emails from my constituents in Warringah deeply concerned about this tragic conflict.

This is an utterly devastating situation and I sincerely acknowledge the trauma this has caused for many. I am also deeply aware of the polarisation of views about this conflict and am alarmed by the increase of both antisemitism and islamophobia within in our communities.

There is no place for this in Australia and it's at times like these we must come together as nation to advocate for an imminent resolution to the conflict that respects innocent lives and promotes a peaceful outcome.