Welcome to Team Zali!

More than 1,400 volunteers joined the movement during the campaign, excited by the chance to make history in Warringah. Our vollies were inspired by Zali’s positive message, her connection with the community and her willingness to listen to what matters to voters.

This election campaign saw people in Warringah, many who had never participated in a campaign before, form an amazing team and community. Volunteers were energised and committed and we thank them for all their hard work to get Zali elected as the Honourable Member for Warringah. We were stronger by being together and supporting one another. We turned Warringah turquoise!

We hope you’ll be inspired by the photos of our vollies below, it's a celebration of their dedication to Team Zali. If you'd like to stay in touch with Zali's work in Warringah, sign up for regular emails.

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