Zali Steggall Hosts International Climate Policy Update

1 June 2023

Fantastic to get a geopolitical perspective on climate action from their excellencies, the British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell, US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, German Ambassador Dr.Markus Ederer, and EU Ambassador Gabriele Visentin.   Thank you to my Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action co-chairs Bridget Archer and Josh Burns for supporting and also to Minister Chris Bowen for his opening remarks.

Great discussion about international climate policy, from ambitious targets like the UK’s 78% reduction by 2035, incentives to accelerate transition through the US’s Inflation Reduction Act, Germany’s Net Zero target by 2045 (80% by 2040) and enhancing the competitiveness of Europe’s Net Zero industry through the EU’s Green Deal.  

The updates were both frank and insightful. While each country has its own unique opportunities and challenges to reach Net Zero and take decisive climate action, the common themes were:

✅ Climate action must be beyond politics – the science is unequivocal and should outweigh ideological debate

✅ There is great power in setting a clear, ambitious target as it allows government, industry and individuals, to mobilise and take advantage of transition opportunities

✅ There will be obstacles – but these can be overcome through bi-partisan support

✅ Current world events have illustrated how critical energy security is, which has buoyed geopolitical efforts to embrace renewables

✅ A just transition is vital – leaders must plan for a fair social transition and be prepared to mitigate the biodiversity and ecological challenges that may arise. This is essential to ensure there is social licence and benefits of the transition for all are clear.

Australia must learn from these examples and take decisive action to achieve 75% emissions reduction by 2035. We have abundant renewable energy resources waiting to be harnessed. We have the opportunity to be a world leader in climate action and a renewable energy powerhouse.

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