Parliament Updates

Zali Steggall MP acknowledges the work of Warringah local Jack Berne for raising money for Australian farmers

2 September, 2020


I'd like to share with the House a wonderful community project in the Warringah area that has been driven by local schoolboy Jack Berne. Many of my colleagues here will be familiar with Jack and his brilliant Fiver for a Farmer campaign. In 2018, Jack was in year 6 at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School in Freshwater and he asked his classmates to dress up as farmers and donate five dollars for drought relief. Jack expected he would raise a thousand dollars or so. Well, from little things big things grow. Two years later, Jack's campaign has raised $1.8 million.

This year, with the Australia Day Awards, Jack was recognised by the Northern Beaches Council for his outstanding community service. We're all so proud of the amazing work he has done. Now in year 8 at St Augustine's College in Brookvale, acknowledging that many families across Australia are doing it tough financially this year, he's raising awareness and has a new campaign. Jack is calling on all of us to focus on buying Australian produce and products. In his own words: 'With the farmers continuing to provide us with amazing Australian produce and products, we need to support them back. This means checking your labels when grocery shopping. This means buying fruit and vegetables that are in season. And this means taking the time to buy local.' So, on Friday 18 September, I urge my parliamentary colleagues to support Jack's initiative and to encourage their communities to buy Australian-made. Jack, Warringah is very proud of you.