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Zali Steggall MP asks the PM if we can have confidence in record spending with no Integrity Commission

7 October, 2020


Zali Steggall MP: We have no national integrity commission, and the only department shining a light on outrageous misuse of public funds like the Leppington land sale is the Australian National Audit Office [ANAO].

With their number of performance audits already down last financial year due to insufficient funding, and now a further 12% cut to funding for performance audits in last night’s budget, how can the Australian people have confidence that your record-breaking spending doesn’t lead to record-breaking pork-barrelling and mismanagement of taxpayer dollars?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I think the question’s probably best directed to myself, so I would be happy to provide the response. There is a 10-year review currently underway into the ANAO and a what their resourcing requirements are. Like there are many reviews currently before the government...

There is a 10-year review currently underway and, when the government receives the outcomes of that 10-year review, we will consider the resourcing for the ANAO.

Mr Speaker, there is a number of other reviews that are currently before the government. Of course, royal commissions that are still [underway] and as the treasurer indicated last night, when those reports have been received, then the government will be providing a fulsome response. And so, when we receive that report, then the government will make its response in terms of their ongoing resourcing.