Zali Steggall MP calls for a COVID-19 Royal Commission

18 October 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic was the most disruptive event in Australia in modern times. Our response asked Australians to prioritise national health outcomes over individual rights. It saw the nation divided, with inconsistent approaches taken in each state. We know that some things were done well, others, not so well. This must be fully interrogated so that necessary lessons can be learned and planning put in place to ensure the best possible national operation for future pandemics. Political convenience must never override the need for a full inquiry. The proposed inquiry by the government will not wield the same power as a Royal Commission which can more effectively compel evidence while ensuring that integrity is maintained with oversight by an independent judge. A Royal Commission will go some way to ventilating all the issues and ensuring full accountability of all levels of government. It can gain clarity on issues which have been inadequately investigated today, like vaccine injuries, long COVID, mental health, domestic violence and many, many others. More than 22,000 Australians died from COVID-19 and many more lives were very badly effected. A Royal Commission is an absolute necessity to get the answers Australians are owed.