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Zali Steggall MP criticises the Morrison government's gas plans


Zali Steggall MP is calling for the Morrison government’s decision to reset the COVID-19 recovery with gas to be rejected.

“This government is interfering in the market and not supporting the renewable industry,” she said.

“Today the Morrison government has captain’s picked the technology of gas, whilst blackmailing private companies on an economic decision that is widely condemned by scientists, economists and investors.

“This is completely against any kind of free market liberalism and shows how far Scott  Morrison is willing to go to support fossil fuels over sound economic management and jobs.

“We need to transition away from coal and gas to mitigate increasing temperatures caused by climate change. Yet we have a government that is willing to ignore that renewables deliver more than double the jobs than fossil fuels, as well as disregarding the science, the industry and even investors.”

The facts are:

  • Australian Energy Market Operator says gas generation is not needed link here
  • The CSIRO has said gas generation is an expensive electricity link here
  • Economists say gas extraction creates very few jobs link here
  • Scientists say that gas is incompatible with our Paris Agreement goals link here
  • Investors argue that gas has bad returns and no money link here

Zali Steggall MP is reintroducing the Climate Change Bill in November as a Private Member’s Bill that would set a net-zero target by 2050 in law. It is needed more than ever to force the government to commit to sound economic and environment policies that will keep Australia safe and deliver future proof jobs.