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Zali Steggall MP introduced bill to stop PEP-11 Forever

26 Feb 2024

In response to the strong community opposition to the PEP11 project, the NSW Govt has introduced legislation to put communities mind at rest, now it’s time for the Federal Government to act as well. This is why, today, Zali Steggall MP will reintroduce her private members bill: Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (Stop PEP 11 Forever).  Dr Sophie Scamps, Member for Mackellar will second the motion. 

“Communities from Warringah to Newcastle have made it exceedingly clear they are dead against the PEP11 proposal. The NSW State Government have got behind our coastal communities, it’s time the Albanese Government did too.”

In early February, the NSW government outlined its intentions to introduce legislation which will effectively make New South Wales coast waters an offshore oil and gas free zone. NSW Waters only extend three nautical miles off the coast, so there is still the opportunity for the PEP11 licence to be granted in commonwealth waters.

Just as the NSW Bill is designed to legislate against offshore oil and gas, Zali’s Stop PEP11 legislation provides a fast and simple stop to the project by banning offshore oil and gas projects in the PEP11 area within the commonwealth waters.

While the project may still be rejected by the joint authority, by legislating against it, the Government is able to avoid possible further legal action on grounds of bias in the event of a refusal of the application.  It would also rule out future applications for the PEP11 area.

“Legislating is the better way. The NSW Government gets it, why doesn’t the Federal Government?”

The Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP 11) application, covers 4,500 square kilometres of ocean along NSW’s east coast from North Head National Park in Manly, through the central coast and as far as Newcastle, has experienced widespread community backlash, however, is currently being reconsidered by the Joint Authority.


In opposition, Anthony Albanese said “I am dead against PEP11”. Will the Prime Minister stand by his word and legislate to make PEP11 dead in the water?