Parliament Updates

Zali Steggall MP speaks on oil and gas drilling (PEP11) off the coast of Sydney

4 September 2023

I rise to once again call on the Government to put an end to the threat of oil and gas drilling off the coast of Manly beach to Newcastle. Communities up and down the coast have campaigned for years to stop this project. Prior to the last election the now Prime Minister stood alongside the Member for Newcastle and told us that “the only way to put an end to this project is to elect an Albanese Government” 

And yet, this Government have agreed to consent orders with the project proponents to send it back to the start of the process for reconsideration by NOPSEMA and the joint authority once again. 

There is a better solution.

My Stop PEP11 and Protect Our Coast Bill would put an end to this project for good, give communities the certainty they deserve and preserve our coast for years to come. Today is the last day to deal with this Bill, I urge the Government to prioritise the passage of this legislation in through House today.