Parliament Updates

Zali Steggall MP speaks on the Dalwood Spilstead Service

20 March 2023


I wish to raise visibility for an important local service in Warringah within the early childhood intervention and education space. The Darwood Spilstead Service has a long history in Warringah. With its own Spilstead model, it has proven that an integrated, centralised and evidence based model of care delivers far greater long-term results, as well as impressive cost efficacy. The Dalwood Spilstead Service offers a one-stop shop, which integrates an expansive list of key services. The services are holistic and compassionate, and the results are profound and long lasting. I was delighted to visit the service last week, and I thank the entire team for their incredible hard work and innovation.

Family vulnerability and early childhood trauma affect 3.2 per cent of all Australian children. Sadly, First Nations children are disproportionately represented in this figure. When I toured the service, I learned of the funding commitment anxieties, where some vacancies of staff remain undetermined and unfilled due to the lack of confirmed ongoing funding. This successful Spilstead model is currently only implemented in Warringah, which is crazy, and it should be a more widely replicated approach in areas with high rates of family and child vulnerability. I'm encouraging and inviting the Minister for Social Services and the Minister for Early Childhood Education to come and see this facility. We can do this in other areas. It works.