Zali Steggall responds to Climate Minister's motion to move on sectoral targets

6 September 2023


Zali Steggall MP welcomes Climate Minister’s motion to get moving on sectoral targets, a long overdue step on the roadmap to Net Zero, but has concerns over further delay

I welcome Minister Bowen’s motion today to refer sectoral pathways to the Climate Change Authority. It is a long overdue and important step that has been sorely missing from Australia’s Net Zero Plans. However, the motion is requiring the Climate Change Authority to report back by 1 August 2024 to assist the Government in preparing a 2050 plan. Unfortunately, this is still a plan to plan, whilst emissions continue to go up and global tipping points are reached sooner than anticipated.

The motion also fails to request the Climate Change Authority include adaptation and preparation plans for each sector to address climate impacts that are already locked in.

Changes to the Safeguard Mechanism, and a renewable energy target of 82% by 2030 are positive steps – but a focus on the energy sector alone is not enough. By setting sectoral targets, the government can ensure that all sectors are working towards the same goal and that no one sector is left to do all the heavy lifting.

Sectoral targets are particularly urgent, given overall fossil fuel emissions in Australia have increased this year. Prioritising clear roadmaps and attractive incentives beyond energy, that also look to transport, industry and waste, agriculture, resources and the built environment will provide certainty and drive an ‘all-in’ effort to reach the Paris Agreement goals and limit warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.