Parliament Updates

Zali Steggall speaks on COP27

7 November 2022


Today, COP27 begins and it will focus on the impacts of climate change. Currently, global pledges to reduce emissions will not keep global warming to 1.5 degrees. We must do more. We know the devastating floods in Pakistan this year, which caused over 1,700 people to lose their lives and $40 billion in economic losses, are just one example of the scale of the tragedy that awaits us if we do not take more serious action.

It's welcome that a loss and damage fund for developing countries suffering the impacts of the climate crisis is high on the agenda. The COP 27 president has said that this reflects that sense of solidarity for the victims of climate disasters, but we must do more. For the Asia-Pacific, it's an existential crisis—islands are literally disappearing!—and Australia must engage productively and pull our weight as our scope 3 emissions are major contributors to this impact. We could not possibly host a future COP event until we show we're committed to action. And yet, we have the Prime Minister not willing to attend the COP27 and represent Australia on that stage. It is so important that Australia show that we are committed to stronger action and we actually have the Prime Minister attending with world leaders. To reduce our emissions is absolutely imperative. We have committed to the Paris Agreement. We must do more.