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Zali's Modern Healthcare

7 April 2022

As Australia heads into winter amidst the warnings of a new COVID variant and a new flu season, it is important for everyone to consider getting the influenza vaccination and if you are over 65 or immunocompromised, to get a 4th COVID shot.  

If there is one thing that the pandemic has shown over the last two years, it’s that our health system is essential and needs to be made as strong as possible. We must also better support those who work in the sector. I’m writing to you today to invite you to read my Modern Healthcare policy that I will take to the next election.

My policy looks at the importance of getting the balance right in the face of the pandemic. It also identifies opportunities to enhance access to and quality of care in mental health, aged care and for those with a disability.

Beyond COVID, we know that climate change will challenge our health services. The system needs to adapt to deal with the impacts of extreme heat, weather and new insect borne diseases. We need to prepare for these changes and modernise our health system to best meet the upcoming challenges.

At a high level, my Modern Healthcare policy can be summarised as: 


Advocate for responsible and proportional responses to COVID 
By listening to epidemiologists and business, acting on their advice and increasing funding and support for essential frontline workers.

Improve mental health services nationally and in Warringah
By prioritising mental health funding and ensuring availability of essential youth mental health facilities.

Modernise and increase channels to access healthcare
By expanding telehealth and other digital health services.

Increase quality of care in aged care
By implementing the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission, supporting flexible funding options for home care, and increasing accountability and resources in aged care facilities.

Improve access for NDIS participants and providers
By seeking efficiencies and reducing red tape in accessing NDIS.


For further detail please see the policy brochure available here and you can also view my recent discussion about health policy with Dr Omar Khorshid (President of the AMA), Assoc Professor Annette Schmeid (Chair of Research Australia) and David Thomas (CEO Lifeline Northern Beaches) here.