I/we pledge to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and address global warming (signed, date)

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Transport Checklist
  • Replace face to face meetings with a virtual meeting
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  • Limit unavoidable business flights to essential staff only and purchase carbon offsets when you must fly
  • Pack as light as possible when you travel. (More weight = more energy/emissions.)
  • Look at where the things you buy are manufactured and buy local when you can to reduce transport emissions
  • Provide secure bike parking and changing facilities for staff
  • Convert your vehicle fleet to hybrid / electric
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The choices we make on who supplies us have one of the biggest impacts on collective emissions. To make a real difference, check all your financial providers (banking, loans, superannuation) as well as your energy provider and see if you can make a difference by selecting providers who are sustainable and do not invest in fossil fuels