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Write to your MP in support of better voter protections in political advertising

We have a clear and established legal process for addressing deceptive or misleading content in commercial advertising, so it is only logical to extend similar standards to political advertising.  

Zali's "Stop the Lies Bill" will be reintroduced to Parliament as the "Voter Protections in Political Advertising Bill" on November 13, 2023.  This legislation aims to bring much-needed accountability to the landscape of political advertising in our nation, something that we believe is long overdue. 

Your voice as a concerned citizen and supporter of this issue can have a meaningful impact on our politicians’ actions and decisions. 

If you would like to write a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister Farrell, and/or your local Member of Parliament to express your concerns and encourage them to use their influence and voice in Parliament to protect voters rights you can write your own letter, or personalise the template below.

To email the Prime Minister's office, visit:

Email Minister Farrell at [email protected]

To find details about how to contact your Federal MP, visit: Members – Parliament of Australia (


Dear (add name)

I am writing to express my deep concern about the state of political advertising laws in our country and to request your support in addressing this pressing issue ahead of the next federal election. 

As an engaged and concerned constituent, I believe that it is reasonable for voters to be protected from misleading or deceptive claims in political advertising campaigns.   

We have a clear and established legal process for addressing misleading and deceptive  promotions and statements in consumer advertising. It is only logical and fair to extend similar standards to political advertising. This would not only enhance the integrity of our electoral process but also demonstrate a commitment to accountability and transparency in our democracy. 

Transparency and trust in our politicians are essential for a strong democracy.  A recent Australia Institute poll showed 87% of Australians agree that truth in political advertising laws should be in place in time for the next federal election campaign. Importantly, it showed voters of all political persuasions want to have confidence in the promotional information presented to them during election campaigns. 

Zali Steggall’s Stop the Lies Bill, which will be reintroduced to Parliament on November 13, 2023 as the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Voter Protections in Political Advertising) Bill 2023”, seeks to address this. The proposed legislation aligns political advertising standards with those applicable to businesses, providing much-needed consistency and fairness.  

Voters should be entitled to make informed decisions based on accurate information. This is a multipartisan issue and it is a matter of great importance for the future of our democracy. It is time to protect our democratic voting rights in the same way our consumer rights are protected. 

I kindly request that you use your influence and voice in Parliament to protect voters rights, as we do consumers by advocating for political advertising reform.  

I would be interested to understand your position is on this matter and if/how you plan to support improving the integrity of our political advertising laws to better protect voters. 

Yours sincerely 

(Add name)